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Informations de base

    Modèle: ST-717

Description du produit

1. A Non-stick Frying Pan Liner is an insert designed to fit into pots, pans or other cooking devices to turn any fry pan into a non-stick pan or to renew old non-stick pans.
2. They are typically made of heatproof materials and coated with PTFE, to ensure that food can be easily removed. Non-stick Frying Pan Liners are marketed for both domestic and professional use in cooking and baking.
3. These reusable Non-stick Frying Pan Liner reduce cleanup, extend the life of cookware and provide many additional benefits, easy to clean in soapy water.
4. High temperature resistance and excellent heat transfer, continuous operating Temp from -60~260°C, can be used repeatedly.
5.Non-toxic, safe for use in the dishwasher, safe for contact with food
6. Customized packaging and sizes are welcome, can be cut with scissors to fit the size and shape required
8. Food approval, with FDA and LFGB certification

Groupes de Produits : Revêtement du four antiadhésif & cuisson Liner

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